Terms of Service

Before registering and shopping on websites and applications operating under the names AloSMM, users should review the following information.

Users are deemed to have read and agreed to these terms if they have made a purchase or registered on a AloSMM or AloSmm branded website or application. Please do not register for AloSMM and the sites and applications bearing the AloSMM name, and do not approve any agreements, if you do not accept and read these conditions.

Before using https://alosmm.com/, it is recommended that you review the Term Conditions, which contains the site's general rules and legal obligations, as well as the terms, rules, and legal obligations listed below.

AloSMM suggests that users visit the user agreement page everytime they log in to the website.

Please do not accept this agreement and discontinue use of this website if you do not agree with the specified terms.

By using this website and filling out the membership form with your personal information, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms.

AloSMM reserves the right to change, reorganize, and cease broadcasting any services, products, terms of use, and information presented on the site without prior notice on this site and it's extensions.

In the following instances of written abuse, site administration reserves the right to prevent the user from accessing the site and to pursue legal action against the individual or individuals responsible.


  1. The social media service descriptions on AloSMM Panel https://alosmm.com/ are valid for every 1000 orders, and customers who place orders should be aware that the numbers will increase proportionally to the order quantity.
  2. The service descriptions for each service contain varying explanations. Prior to placing an order, every customer has read and agreed to all of the description's terms. AloSMM does not provide refunds for any orders if the explanation section is not read.
  3. AloSMM will automatically refund the remaining balance of your order if a portion of it is completed or canceled due to a service issue.
  4. AloSMM Panel does not provide a guarantee for any of its social media services.
  5. AloSMM customers are prohibited from taking any actions that may disturb others, and they do not place orders for topics containing obscene, coupons, politics, violence, insults, harassment, profanity, or illegal content. If a customer places an order with any of them included, their membership will be terminated without a refund of their remaining balance and without prior notice. AloSMM is not required to review every customer order that is placed. AloSMM will not accept any portion of an order that has been completed if it has been abused, and the customer will be held responsible.
  6. AloSMM does not use the return policy and does not return the order if a link is removed or altered in an order placed through AloSMM.
  7. A customer who has registered and placed an order with AloSMM and its applications accepts these rules and has no grounds for complaint or legal action.
  8. AloSMM reserves the right to modify the terms listed above without prior notice.
  9. Social media platforms are continually updated and revised. In addition to the updates, AloSMM services must also be updated. All AloSMM customers must accept any transaction delays caused by these updates, changes, and problems. AloSMM reserves the right not to apply the return conditions in the event of an objection.
  10. Customers' social media accounts are deactivated, and their posts are deleted, etc. AloSMM assumes no responsibility and reserves the terms of return, in the event of any action taken against their accounts, which is at the discretion of social media companies such as AloSMM. AloSMM services are solely responsible for completing the specified amounts. AloSMM disclaims all liability should the accounts be processed under the aforementioned circumstances.
  11. Customers of AloSMM should be aware that orders should not be placed on accounts whose e-mails have not been confirmed, whose Sms verification has not been completed, or which are newly opened.
  12. All AloSMM services and websites are managed by computer software. In the event that a AloSMM security vulnerability is not reported, legal action will be taken against the AloSMM customer in question, and his account will be closed without prior notice or refund.
  13. AloSMM does not guarantee any activity or decrease in any order placed on AloSMM.
  14. Before the order is finalized, a second order should not be placed on the same profile/username/link. If this occurs, the amount spent may be wasted, the transactions may be delayed, and the fee might not be refunded. Whoever has registered and placed an order through the AloSMM applications accepts these rules and has no grounds for complaint or legal action.

General Conditions

1.a. The site contains incorrect, irregular, incomplete, and misleading information, as well as statements that do not comply with general moral principles.

1.b. Unauthorized duplication in whole or in part of site content.

1.c. The user is directly liable for any damages that may result from the sharing of information such as user name, password, and usage rights with third parties or organizations, whether such information is provided to the user or determined by the user (the use of this information by persons other than the user). Similarly, the user cannot use the IP address, e-mail address, or user name of another person on the Internet and cannot access or use the private information of other users without their permission. The user is presumed to have accepted any legal and criminal liability that may result from their use.

1.d. Using software that will compromise the site's security and prevent it from functioning, conducting activities, attempting to create spam applications, and obtaining, deleting, or altering information.

1.e. Not utilizing practices such as disturbing site users, manipulating and enticing site users with improper and unethical emails, SMS, and other notifications.

Those who disregard the preceding clauses are deemed to have accepted any potential legal and penal liability.

Terms of Use

2.a. AloSMM websites and applications, with their general appearance and design, and all information, pictures, AloSMM brand and other brands, AloSMM name, logo, icon, demonstrative, written, electronic, graphic or machine-readable form on the website and applications, are the owner or licensee of all materials, including technical data, computer software, applied sales system, business method and business model, and intellectual and industrial property rights.

It cannot be modified, copied, reproduced, translated into another language, licensed, republished, uploaded to another computer, posted, transmitted, presented, or distributed, including code and software, without express permission and attribution.

The entirety or a portion of AloSMM websites and applications may not be used on another website without express permission. In contrast, legal and criminal responsibility is required for actions. Growerse reserves any additional rights not expressly granted here.

2.b. All criticisms of AloSMM and its applications belong to AloSMM and its applications, and they may be used for marketing purposes by AloSMM representatives if they so choose.


3.a. It is possible to track the information (visit time, time, pages viewed) of AloSMM and its applications users in order to better serve them.

3.b. The user is prohibited from interfering with or obstructing the use of AloSMM websites or applications by other users and visitors, and from installing programs that will force, damage, or lock servers or databases. They are incapable of cheating. He/she acknowledges that his/her membership will be terminated if he/she is discovered, and he/she accepts all potential legal and criminal liability arising from the situation.

3.c. Messages and conversation records with AloSMM management cannot be backed up, stored, or shared without the permission of AloSMM administrators. AloSMM reserves all privacy rights.

3.d. The user can cancel their membership and delete their account by submitting a support request. The authorization of a user who cancels his AloSMM membership will be revoked for all AloSMM websites and applications. The individual who cancels their membership acknowledges that this action is irreversible. Administrators of AloSMM websites and applications are permitted to delete any trace of a deactivated user account from AloSMM websites and applications. The user is not entitled to any compensation or recourse for the deleted records.

3.e. AloSMM websites and applications may contain links or references to external websites that are not managed by AloSMM. AloSMM websites and applications are not responsible for their content or links.

3.f. AloSMM websites and applications can be sent via letter, e-mail, e-mail address, e-mail address, e-mail address, fixed and mobile phone lines, and other contact information specified by the user in the registration form on the websites or applications, or updated by the user later. has the right to contact the user for communication, marketing, and notification purposes via email, SMS, phone, and other means. By accepting this agreement, the user accepts and declares that AloSMM websites and applications may engage in the aforementioned communication activities unless written notice to the contrary is provided.

3.g. In particular locations on AloSMM websites and applications, section-specific rules and obligations may be specified. It is assumed that individuals and organizations who utilize these sections have accepted these rules in advance.

3.h. Please review the "Usage Agreement" page to learn about the measures we take to protect the personal information and privacy of our users, as well as our general policy regarding this matter. The user agrees that he/she will be deemed to have accepted all terms of this participation agreement as soon as he/she begins to use the service and that the agreement will include a provision for him/her. The user agrees to indemnify AloSMM for any and all damages incurred by AloSMM websites and applications as a result of the user's breach of this agreement's obligations. AloSMM has recourse to the user for any compensation and/or administrative/judicial fines that the user may be required to pay to public institutions and/or third parties due to the breach of contract by AloSMM websites and applications.

Service Continuity

4.a. AloSMM and its applications may modify this agreement unilaterally and without notice in order to maintain the continuity of its service. AloSMM and its applications reserve the right to permanently or temporarily discontinue the service they provide unilaterally and without explanation, to execute the site without refunding the balances and credits in AloSMM applications, to close access, and to modify or eliminate the service's contents. Under these terms and conditions, the user accepts every provision of the contract and registers for the website. AloSMM and its applications will publish updated terms of service under the same link with a new revision date, and users will be notified via e-mail or SMS if necessary. The updated current terms of service will become effective at the time of publication on AloSMM and its applications, and the use of AloSMM and its applications will be governed by the updated terms of service as of that time. AloSMM and its applications may unilaterally terminate the membership of any member who has sent AloSMM or its applications materials that violate the terms of this agreement without prior notice.

4.b. As soon as the user fills out and approves the registration form, receives any service, or places an order using this system, they are deemed to have agreed to abide by the AloSMM agreement and its applications. The contract terminates automatically and without notice upon the termination of membership or the occurrence of any of the termination circumstances outlined in this agreement.

Confidentiality agreement

  1. The records of AloSMM and its members' transactions on the website are kept strictly confidential and are never disclosed to third parties, institutions, or organizations.
  2. Service providers are notified of your orders. On the other hand, if requested by official government agencies, records can be provided to officials of official government agencies.
  3. The credit card information requested on the payment page is never stored on AloSMM, its applications, or the servers of the companies that serve it in order to maintain the highest level of security for our load-balancing customers.
  4. AloSMM and its applications ensure that all payment transactions between payment systems and your device occur via the AloSMM interface.
  5. You can always reach us using the details provided below. All information that the customer enters into the system is accessible only to the customer, and only the customer can modify this information. This information cannot be accessed or modified by any other party.
  6. Registration in AloSMM and its applications or placing a successful order signifies your consent for our website to send you announcements via e-mail and phone. Users may opt out of the announcement list at any time, regardless of whether or not they notify AloSMM and its applications.

Refund Policy

Every balance, credit, or payment uploaded to AloSMM and its applications cannot be refunded; however, AloSMM and its applications will make repayments when deemed necessary by their managers. Balances uploaded to AloSMM and its apps or payments made to AloSMM and its apps are exclusive to AloSMM and its apps.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, among others. We do not know when social media platforms can update; in the event of a decrease, refunds cannot be issued unless the service provider provides compensation.

AloSMM and its applications reserve the right to remove sent followers or likes if insults or abuse against AloSMM managers and employees are discovered.

Accounts of individuals who make payments on behalf of another individual using a stolen credit card or other payment methods through AloSMM and its applications will be closed without explanation.

After the orders have been entered into the system, your cancellation/refund request will be denied. The system will automatically issue a refund if the order is not completed or partially completed.

Every customer who registers for AloSMM applications accepts the aforementioned terms and conditions and waives all complaints and legal claims.

AloSMM reserves the right to modify the terms of service without prior notification.

Warmest regards,

AloSMM Team